Name: William Meschke (aka Billy)

Born: Rochester, MN. September 25, 1946. Birthday presents will be accepted.

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Hockey Experience: Started skating at 5 years and started playing hockey at 7 with the NE teams in Rochester. Played high school hockey at John Marshall and when I was a senior I played on a line with Mark (I was left wing). While in college (MN), I played on an architectural school team. After college, I did not play for a few years while living in Montana.

I returned to Rochester in the early 70's and Mark signed me up for some club hockey for 1 or 2 years. After that I started playing old timers hockey. When I was 42 I got my nose slit up pretty good and was getting done late at night and decided to hang it up until Mark started ODHL in 2006. First night on the ice I could hardly stand up in my old tacks, hit my head on the ice with my old leather helmet, but somehow made it through the night. Bought new skates, helmet, etc. I had not played for 17 years.

How did you get your start with MJDHL: See above.

Started playing with MJDHL: 2006, still out there. When I started playing again I thought I recognized a few folks I had played with before, but geez they really looked old.

Jersey number and why you chose it: #14, thought it was the number I wore in high school. After checking, not the case, think it was 22 in high school - Alzheimer's IS SETTING IN.

Playing status: Active, but pretty much always injured, give me a lot of room and stay clear of me, I am an accident waiting to happen.

Family: Hope and I have been married 35 years. We have one daughter, Brooke (married), one granddaughter, and Bridger our golden retriever.

Occupation: Retired architect.

Other Hobbies/Activities/Sports you enjoy: I fish a lot, 100 plus days a year (fly fish only, primarily for trout and smallmouth). Tie flies. Got back into photography (nature stuff) after retiring in 2005. Reading. I will follow some sports: hockey, baseball, and football.

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