Name: Stephen Textor

Born: Denver, CO

Hometown: Anoka, MN

Hockey Experience: Long, long time ago: youth hockey, and High School in Anoka, MN. Periodic pick-up club hockey in Medical School (UCLA), Cleveland, OH.

How did you get your start with MJDHL: Learned about original OTDL from Al Brown, Dan Mersel, and John Shepard.

Started playing with MJDHL: 2006 to present

Jersey number and why you chose it: #48. A very good year to have been born.

Playing status: Active (slow).

Family: Wife - Susan Bertram; kids - Matt, Kyle, Lauren.

Occupation: Kidney and Hypertension M.D.

Other Hobbies/Activities/Sports you enjoy: Aviation (share a plane with Dan Mersel and 3 others), cycling, kayaking.

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