Name: Scott Seeger "Pelle" Why not? He's not using it anymore.

Born: Rochester, MN

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Hockey Experience: Edison School parking lot rink, Soldiers Field, RHYA, Intramural at both U of M and Mankato State. Assistant coaching from 2004 on. Started playing goalie for the 14UA team in 2008. Never had goalie pads on before that.

How did you get your start with MJDHL: Paul Chezick and Mike & Teresa McCormack encouraged me to get back in to playing with the OTDHL. Mark asked me to play goalie a couple of times and the next thing I knew I was writing checks.

Started playing with MJDHL: Started in 2009. I get tired on the first shift and retired every shift thereafter.

Jersey number and why you chose it: #59. Born in 1959.

Playing status: Day to day.

Family: Disowned me. Wife Becky, daughter Savannah. Savannah will play college hockey at Augsburg this fall (2013). She also loves playing hockey with you guys.

Occupation: Real Estate.

Other Hobbies/Activities/Sports you enjoy: Fishing, sailing, gentleman farming, watching my daughter play hockey. Marty would claim that I enjoy tripping him. It's not true. I just enjoy the battles. (He knows it)

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