Name: Mike Vik

Born: Grand Rapids, MN

Hometown: I spent the majority of my childhood in Hibbing, MN. Also spent time in Grand Rapids, MN, and Burnsville, MN

Hockey Experience: Played hockey as a rink rat in Hibbing and Burnsville, and I organized and ran the Rochester Police Hockey team for it's 10 year existence.

How did you get your start with MJDHL: In mid-June 2006 I ran into Don Hodkinson and we chatted. He told me of the OTDHL and that they were skating on Thursdays. I contacted Mark Janes and started the next week.

Started playing with MJDHL: June 22, 2006 was my first game.

Jersey number and why you chose it: In the old OTDHL, my old-timers jerseys had my badge number on them, #84, then, as my daughter Brandi fought cancer they had #3 on them. As I started the transition to re-naming the OTDHL to MJDHL I used the year of my birth, #53.

Playing status: I'll put active, fat sassy, some nights are good and other nights I feel like a traffic cone that better skaters go around... it is ALWAYS fun though. I made the transition from leaving my family in Law Enforcement to having an additional family of "Old Timer Hockey Players". They saved me.

Family: I am married to Roxie Jean, and we live at Rancho Roxie with our Irish Setters on 30 acres.

Occupation: I am a retired Police Sergeant. I spent my career in uniform, out of choice, and retired from Rochester PD in 2006 after 32 years in Law Enforcement.

Other Hobbies/Activities/Sports you enjoy: I am the "Maintenance" side of life at Rancho Roxie. I build custom furniture and enjoy woodworking.

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