Name: Mike McCormack

Born: Bemidji, MN

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Hockey Experience: I started skating on the frozen water over runway & tarmac of Lobb Field in 1963 (old airport in Meadow Park Rochester) and then later at Horace Mann Elementary. I began playing pick-up hockey at Slatterly Park and Mayo High School. My dad registered me to play with the RYHA in 1969 (first full season of Graham Arena being open) and played with RYHA through 9th grade.

Next I played for Mayo High School JV and then varsity in 11th and 12th grades. I played four years at Iowa State University. I was the assistant coach at ISU while finishing my fifth year so I played intramurals and also in the Des Moines Senior League. After graduating I moved to the Twin Cities and played in the Minneapolis full-check league at Parade Stadium. Our team won the MAHA State Tournament in 1985 and 1993.

After moving back to Rochester in 1995, I began skating in what is now called the Rochester Adult Hockey League from 1995 - present. I also skate in the Dickman/Moffitt Sunday night leagues.

How did you get your start with MJDHL: By invitation of Scott Seeger.

Started playing with MJDHL: Spring of 2010.

Jersey number and why you chose it: #15, it was my college number. As an engineer, I liked it because it has mathematical properties of a 3x3 Normal Magic Square (see Wikipedia) and it is the decimal equivalent of the largest hexadecimal integer (F=15 decimal = 1111 binary).

Playing status: Active and trying to stay off Injured Reserve.

Family: Wife Teresa (she plays in the MJDHL too), sons Torin and Garrett, daughter Mackenzie. All three kids played hockey at Mayo High School.

Occupation: Currently an Electronics Project Manager for Trane.

Other Hobbies/Activities/Sports you enjoy: Waterskiing, kick boxing, circuit training, and occasionally golf and fishing.

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