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Mark Janes Developmental Hockey League (MJDHL)


In January of 2006, Mark Janes, of Rochester, Minnesota, formed a hockey league consisting of players 50 years of age and older and called it the Old Timer Developmental Hockey League (OTDHL).

To learn more about the beginning of this league and its history see "The Ice Men" story on the "Articles" page.

The group skates at the Recreation Center and Graham Arena in Rochester.


Latest News:

MJDHL Mission Statement

     The MJDHL, created in 2006 and formerly known as the OTDHL, exists for the sole purpose of providing a safe and enjoyable hockey playing experience for anyone 50 years old and older. The MJDHL welcomes those who wish to learn and experience the wonderful game of ice hockey for the first time as well as those who have played for many years.

Mark Janes in suit

      The playing atmosphere will always be appropriate for the age level of our skaters and all players will behave in a manner that is also appropriate for our ages.

     Friendships and camaraderie are the only goals that we really care about and both will always be the cornerstones of the MJDHL. The support, encouragement, and respect that are exhibited by every player for each other will always be above and beyond reproach.

Mark Janes hockey

     The skaters who currently play in the MJDHL have made our skates what they are today and plans are to continue this success for years to come!

     Respectfully submitted,

               The Commish, Mark Janes

As of April 23, 2013, teams of the Mark Janes Developmental Hockey League will wear red jerseys with white trim and white jerseys with red trim during play. The logo for the red jersey is shown at the top of the page and the logo for the white jersey is shown at right. The new jerseys and logos were made through the efforts of Mike Vik, Bob Frerker, and Randy Nagel.

Jersey Logos:



The new logos were designed to recognize Mark Janes for his efforts in creating the league and growing it to over 50 skaters who play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings year round.


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